Paul Ryan explains the three phases of healthcare reform

I’ve been doing a lot of watching and listening to various different politicians speak about the GOP healthcare reform bill, and the rhetoric certainly is entertaining.  But being in the health insurance business, I’ve been learning a lot about the legislative process, and how complicated it can be to make changes.  In the following interview, Paul Ryan does a nice job of explaining the process, and why Congress must repeal ObamaCare in phases.  The first phase is via budget reconciliation, and Paul explains that they’ve included every change within the budget reconciliation process that can pass without a filibuster.  Listen to Paul Ryan educate the public about the legislative process, and how Republicans will achieve Repeal & Replace through a three phase process.  The current bill that has been released is only phase one, and does not include many of the additional changes to come.

House GOP ObamaCare Repeal and Replace Summary Table

Click here for a detailed House GOP Repeal and Replace Summary Table.  This document sums up the House repeal and replace proposal as of 3/6/2017. The draft legislation is scheduled to go to mark up tomorrow in the House Way & Means and Energy & Commerce Committees on Wednesday, March 8, and is expected to be scored by the Congressional Budget Office soon. Considerable changes will likely occur during the mark up phase. I will do my best to keep my readers updated as changes occur.


Rand Paul – Proposed Obamacare Replacement Act – Senate Bill 222

Here is a synopsis from physician, Robert Nelson, M.D., on Rand Paul’s ObamaCare Replacement Bill, Senate Bill 222.  I find the changes to HSA rules intriguing, and Dr. Nelson does a good job of answering questions in the comments below his post.  There ARE “repeal and replace” plans out there, despite what we hear in the news.  Finding those who are in the know has helped me to gather this information to share with my followers:

Senate Bill 222