CEOs Guide to Restoring the American Dream

I’ve been following Dave Chase on Twitter for some time now.  Dave Chase is the author of .

If you’ve ever thought you knew how to fix the high cost of American Healthcare, think again.  While the problem is complex, it certainly is not insurmountable, but the solution involves plenty of training and education.  Dave Chase’s book, CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream is now on preorder, and you don’t need to be a CEO to read it.  Any American who wants to part of the solution should take the time to educate themselves on the root causes of health care inflation, and solutions recommended by Dave Chase, and the people who inspired him. Americans who use health care, benefit advisers, politicians, CFOs, CPAs, CEOs, financial advisers, or just any one who might have an interest in working towards a solution together should invest in reading Dave Chase’s non-partisan, practical  guide.

Benefit Advisors are currently making a difference, helping employers to drastically lower costs and provide employees with far better benefits than the norm.  But every American should invest in obtaining a basic understanding of where we’ve been, and the direction we need to go, to have a healthcare system that surpasses our expectations as health care consumers.

I recommend Dave Chase’s book as a good place to start.  Who will join me in spreading the word?

Congress Gets Health Care Wrong by Ignoring Friedman’s Law

Love, Love LOVE this article.  Just read it!

“Friedman placed spending into one of four categories. In essence, he created a matrix. On one side is whose money is being spent. Your money can be spent, or someone else’s money can be spent. On the other is on whom the money is spent. The money can be spent on something you receive, or on something someone else receives. The matrix creates four categories.” …

Congress Gets Health Care Wrong by Ignoring Friedman’s Law

Instead of Asking “Who Pays”, We Should Ask, “Who do We Pay?”

When  I first started the Free Market Health Care Blog, I fully intended to write detailed posts about health care reform on a daily basis, but then I started connecting with industry leaders on social media and discovered, what we really need is one place where all of this information can be conglomerated, where the average person can search and find the answers they are looking for.  Today I came across this excellent write-up, which basically explains that when it comes to healthcare cost reduction, we are all asking the wrong question!  Instead of asking “Who pays”, we should really be asking, “Who do we pay?”.  Thoughtfully written, you’ll learn why healthcare is so expensive.  If you want to become a part of the solution, you owe it to yourself to read this:

We All Want Healthcare to Cost Much Less-But We are Asking the Wrong Question