Colorado Springs Direct Primary Care Now Offers House Calls!

A Direct Primary Care practice in Colorado Springs, PeakMed Life Centers,  is now offering house calls as part of their service model.  This is exciting news for homebound patients!

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a growing model for healthcare, and is a key free market solution to America’s rising healthcare costs.  Not only will Direct Primary Care be a solution for individuals and families looking to access affordable healthcare outside of our dysfunctional insurance system, but local insurance agencies are now learning how to incorporate Direct Primary Care into the benefit portfolios for local small and large businesses too!

Erickson Financial Services, a local health insurance agency in Colorado Springs, is currently helping to incorporate PeakMed’s services into the benefit portfolios for local small and large businesses.  As PeakMed continues to grow, there will be opportunities for businesses to drastically lower the cost of benefits by utilizing the services of Direct Primary Care.  Benefit Administrators and CFOs in Colorado should consider contacting Erickson Financial Services of Colorado  Springs to learn more about Direct Primary Care and how to strategically incorporate these services into benefit portfolios to lower healthcare costs while providing better care to employees.

Direct Payment for healthcare is an example of how the free market works to save consumers money, and how to fix America’s healthcare cost problem, without the help of useless legislation at the Federal Level.  It’s happening now, and the movement is taking hold.  This not only applies to primary care, but also to surgical procedures, and the savings are even greater when employers adopt the model of direct pay into corporate benefit plans.  The key for group benefit administrators is to find and work with benefit advisers who understand how to design benefit plans that utilize both Direct Payment and Health Insurance to maximize quality and savings on the cost of employee benefits!

Don’t ignore this movement.  Americans can come together in agreement that Direct Payment is a solution.  It brings simplicity, yet outside-of-the-box thinking, back to our great nation, and proves that freedom and liberty always prevails.  In my lifetime, I’ve watched as government has tried hard to convince our youth that they need big brother to take care of them.  But watch as the direct payment movement takes hold, and a very different picture of American health care unfolds.

Save on Prescriptions-Use Direct Primary Care!

Often as I speak with insurance clients, I suggest to them to enroll with a Direct Primary Care physician and pair that with a high deductible, catastrophic health insurance plan, but sometimes I get pushback from clients who are unwilling to pay for both, especially since even catastrophic coverage is expensive these days.

But one thing consumers don’t realize is that in many cases, prescription savings alone can easily pay for the cost of the DPC membership.  Let me give you an example.  A few weeks ago, I was researching health plans for a client who takes Cymbalta. Well it turns out that most individual insurance plans in Colorado won’t even cover Cymbalta anymore, except for the generic alternative.  But in this person’s case, she was allergic to an ingredient in the generic, and could only take the brand name.  Well Cymbalta runs about $230 retail, so that would have been an additional monthly cost for this consumer on top of her health insurance plan.  But what if she used  Direct Primary Care doc for her routine care and prescriptions?  Her monthly fee for unlimited, 24×7 primary care would have been approximately $65, AND, she would have access to monthly Cymbalta for about $15!  I’m blown away by the savings available on Cymbata, Effexor, Omeprazole, Imitrex and others.  It just makes sense to look into DPC as a way to obtain affordable Rx pricing for routine medications.

Below is a picture of some sample Rx pricing that I obtained from a DPC in PA called Core Family Practice.  I hope Dr. Haug doesn’t mind me sharing this with you!  Just look at Rx savings examples!  These savings alone are a no-brainer.  Everyone, especially those who need routine medications should consider Direct Primary Care.  It’s not a replacement for major medical coverage, but it can pay for itself and give you a quality of service that you never thought possible from your primary care doctor.

Sample Rx Pricing from Direct Primary Care




Direct Primary Care is for Chronic Disease Management

Direct Primary Care is an innovative healthcare model that bodes well for chronic disease management.  It’s not the same as concierge medicine.  The fees are affordable, likely much more so than those high out-of-pocket costs associated with major medical insurance.  If you have diabetes or lupus or MS, arthritis, elevated blood pressure and/ cholesterol, or any disease that requires routine care, do yourself a favor!  Search for a DPC physician, and save money, while getting the best possible care!