Share Your Story!

I’m feeling a real sense of urgency this morning, to get as many stories as I can published, because my goal is to make sure politicians have access to the stories of real people, while they are crafting health care reform. I don’t want this to be a place where the community engages in heated arguments over ideology. After all, we do in fact know that some people have been helped by the ACA, and that fact is not to be minimized. But as a health insurance agent, I hear stories from both sides of the fence, and I can only share that there have been many, many stories about people being hurt by the ACA too, and in major ways that some out there could never imagine. For while the ACA, with its well-intentions, gave heath insurance rights to some, it took away rights from others, making it impossible for some to exercise their real rights to pursue the kind of health care they so desperately need. Philosophically, in my opinion, a right cannot really be a right, if it impinges upon anyone else’s right to pursue life, liberty, property, or happiness, and that’s precisely what the ACA did. So this will be a place for people to share how they were hurt by the ACA, in attempt to educate politicians, so they can avoid making the same mistakes while crafting future reforms. The only solution for America will be a plan that works for all Americans. Please use the comments section of this post to share your story. I will be moderating the comments , and will not share any comments that use foul or offensive language. Share with us the raw facts about how the Affordable Care Act changed your life.