Cash Pay Imaging

One of the biggest problems with the Affordable Care Act is the huge deductibles that consumers have been left with.  As a health insurance broker, I’m hearing more and more stories of people putting off health care because they can’t afford thier $5k to $7k deductibles, which is why I’m doing the best I can to help people find REAL affordable health care.  Below, find links to imaging centers that offer affordable, transparent cash pay pricing.

Another way to get affordable imaging is to contract with a Direct Primary Care provider.  These providers often have agreements with local imaging centers that discount prices heavily for their patients.  Use the Affordable Health Care links on our home page to find a DPC provider in your area.

Choose a link below to view transparent cash pay imaging prices:

One Call Referral Service – Call 877-814-2461, option 2, option 1.  This service will refer you to low cost MRI and CT.  Available in most states.

Affordable Medical Imaging, Florida

Woodlands Medical Specialists, Pensacola, FL

HealthCheck Screening, Oklahoma

Premier Medical Imaging, Minnesota

Regional Medical Imaging, Michigan

Green Imaging, Texas