About Me

Lynne is a health benefits consultant.  She joined her husband’s insurance agency in 2001, and has been working in the health insurance industry ever since.  Lynne is well-versed in both the employer-sponsored health insurance market as well as the individual and family and Exchange marketplaces.  Having experienced and lived through all of the regulatory changes that have occurred since year 2000, Lynne has developed a deep passion for fixing the problems that have been plaguing our health care system since the debut of the HMO.  Lynne has studied the history of health insurance and health care costs, and desires to share her knowledge with the public in hopes of influencing the American people to consider a dramatic change in thoughts and beliefs about health insurance, health care delivery and payment  of health care goods and services.  Lynne desires to bring together creative thinkers from the medical community, the health insurance community, and those who have lived through healthcare treatment in both the USA and countries with socialized healthcare systems to brainstorm ways to improve the cost and delivery of health care in America.   This is not a site to engage in heated discussion over political ideology.  Rather, we will share real progress and ideas that are helping people obtain high quality care affordably, how it’s being done, and how it can be improved upon via the political process.  

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