A Millennial’s Take on His Obamacare Plan

I didn’t discover this post until today, but Millennial Moolah posted back in April about Why and How I Am Quitting My Obamacare Plan.

Key bits:

  • “So I’m not trashing this law for the folks who appreciate the benefits they have under it. Rather, I’m saying that the ACA has made healthcare so burdensome and expensive for young, healthy folks like me that it’s impossible to have a functioning insurance market while it exists.”
  • “So rationally, millennials over 26 with less than $10,000 in assets and more than $40,000 of income really don’t benefit at all from the Affordable Care Act. Most of my friends who work for small business, bars, restaurants, and other employers who don’t offer health insurance choose to forgo it entirely and pay the penalty.”

But read it all. He gets into details and numbers.

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