ZocDoc-Find a Doctor App!

I was doing my usual weekly reading and learning, looking for health care products that provide real value to my followers, when I learned of this app called ZocDoc!

ZocDoc is a free app you can install on your phone.  When you need to find a doc that takes your insurance, just put in your zipcode and the type of doctor, along with your insurance network name, and the app will return a list of docs in your area, and when their next available appointment time is.  You also get to read some info about the doctor, and look at reviews from other patients.  Many ZocDoc doctors also use txt and email communication with their patients, another huge bonus.  It’s all about improving care, and ZocDoc is helping the movement.

Get the ZocDoc app!

New Website Offers Resources and Vacation Options for Families Affected by Autism

AutismTravel.com is a new website dedicated to helping the leading travel destinations in the world create safe, sensory friendly certified travel options for parents and individuals on the spectrum.

Families affected by autism spectrum will discover travel options here, and have access to the support of a community where families can share ideas and help one another!

Watch video here.