Do health insurance companies make unreasonable profits?

One of the things that irritates me the most is when people try to make the argument that health insurers are to blame for the high cost of healthcare.  We especially see the common complaint that insurance CEOs salaries are too high and that somehow, their salaries are at the heart of America’s problematic health care costs.  So I appreciate this article, which compares health insurance profit margins relative to other industries.  The article makes it clear that it isn’t necessarily insurance that is the problem, but rather, the high cost of healthcare. Granted, the way that insurance is regulated exacerbates the problem, and government requires insurance to cover things that really do not need to be covered, particularly routine, predictable, everyday primary health care.  Insurance should be reserved for the catastrophe, not routine care that would otherwise be affordable if we were to pay directly.

The real problem we are experiencing is lack of price transparency in the healthcare industry.  If that one small piece was fixed, along with reforms that would free up insurance companies to design affordable, catastrophic coverage options, Americans would find that healthcare can be affordable.  Hopefully, politicians will recognize this when it comes crafting future reforms.  Until then, Americans must find other ways to access care affordably.  My website,, is designed with plenty of links to help you do just that, so don’t stop here.  Be sure to look for Direct Pay physicians in your area and take control of your healthcare costs.  Use these great new apps to access affordable urgent care and lower your out of pocket costs for prescriptions too!  Let’s not wait for our goverment to fix things.  Start saving now, by becoming informed about affordable healthcare alternatives.

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  1. Some health insurance companies do and some don’t, I guess. Thank you for this very compelling and insightful article on how we also need to very thorough when getting health insurance coverage.

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