Why I’m Not a Fan of Single Payer Healthcare

Sometimes, people think I’m cold-hearted, because I don’t believe that single payer healthcare is the solution to America’s healthcare woes.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  I’m a softie, who wants to help others, but I’m also a strong believer in freedom and liberty, and by definition, no system of socialized health care can truly provide freedom from the financial burden of healthcare costs, nor the freedom to seek out and receive treatment for every disease. There are opportunity costs associated with universal healthcare, and we are experiencing some of these side effects today, under our heavily regulated quasi-nationalized healthcare system.

Single Payer Health Care is Extremely Expensive

Universal health coverage, in terms of total cost to society as a whole, is quite possibly one of the most expensive ways to deliver healthcare, despite the rhetoric you may hear from well-intentioned politicians.  In fact, it may be the most expensive way to deliver care.  Believe it or not, there was a time in American history when healthcare was affordable. Dr. James Brook, D.O., of Idaho Falls, explains this best in his well-written book, The High Price of Socialized Medicine.  Dr. James Brook used to be a believer in single payer health care, until he became a direct primary care provider and learned about the real health care cost drivers in America.  If you are at all interested in helping to reform America’s health care systems, Dr. James Brook’s book is a must-read, providing a foundation for understanding where we can begin to fix our problems!

Single Payer Health Care Cannot Treat Every Disease

Health Insurance for all does not equate to health care for all.  Insurance and access are two very different things, although many confuse them as one-in-the-same. Several years ago, back when President Obama was considering the Public Option as an idea to facilitate health care reform in America, I was debating the subject with a few people on social media, when I came across a woman who was adamantly against the idea.  When I asked her why, she told me the story of a good friend of hers in Canada, who was struggling to get care for a brain tumor that was causing intense pain and agony.  The poor woman had been on a waiting list for at least 9 months to get an MRI, and each time her turn arose, the system would delay the procedure.  This woman was in so much pain, she had to give her children to her parents, because the tumor was impinging upon her optic nerve, causing blindness and excruciating headaches.  Single payer healthcare inevitably leads to rationing of care. Commonly, those in favor of single payer health care will argue that this is a rare event, but is it really, and in any event, is that OK?  Arguably, a truly free healthcare system (not our current system, nor even our pre-Obamacare system) would not have alienated this woman.  America has not had a free health care system since the advent of employer-sponsored health insurance,  so we don’t know if this woman would have been better off in a free health care system, however, I suspect she would have.  Again, I refer you back to the book, The High Price of Socialized Medicine, for context.

Ironically,  I referred the woman in the above mentioned story to  Timely Medical , a medical broker in Canada, who helps Canadians receive affordable care in the USA, when they are placed on waiting lists.  She was eventually able to receive charitable care right here in the USA, and has now returned to a normal life.

I know that many will argue that America’s system has alienated many due to its cost, and they would be correct.  Our heavily regulated health care system does not operate in a free market, and thus, to the extent that it is devoid of free market principles, it is extremely expensive, so much so, that many are left out.  But rather than throw up our hands and conclude that the only solution is to give all of the power to our government to control our healthcare system, I urge Americans to consider the Direct Pay Care model as an alternative to single payer health care. Why wait for the government to do something, when the free market is already doing it? The movement is gaining momentum.  Let’s pull together and make it happen.


Single Payer Health Care is Immoral 

“Single payer healthcare is immoral”. I know that this statement is going to strike a cord for many single payer healthcare proponents, so I urge you to read Health Care is Not A Right, by Leonard Piekoff, PhD and philosopher.  The title, on its face, sounds harsh and cold-hearted, but the content gives a perspective that I bet you haven’t heard before!  Leonard Piekoff is also video taped making this presentation.  Watching it may give you a better understanding of his point of view. It’s an old presentation, but it’s content easily applies to today.

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6 Ways Tele-Doc Apps Can Save you Money!

In this day and age, we are all experiencing an increase in deductibles and out- of-pocket costs when it comes to our health insurance.  It seems no matter what the government does to try to fix the problem, the problem continues to get worse.  In fact, millions of Americans, although insured, delay care because they cannot afford their out-of-pocket costs.

New technologies are arising to meet the needs of those who have been unable to afford to pay for care due to high deductibles and large copayments. Tele-Medicine is beginning to gain a foothold in the marketplace as an alternative way to save money on care for non life threatening illnesses, urgent care and prescriptions.  The advantages of Tele-Medicine applications include:

  1. Accessibility: 24 X 7 Access to doctors and other certified, insured and credentialed health care professionals
  2. Convenience: Call from home, office or while traveling, and receive treatment for common diseases without spending a fortune at an urgent care facility.  Many health insurance companies in the individual and family markets have cancelled their nationwide PPO plans, leaving you without coverage for minor illnesses while travelling.  A tele-doc app can save you money, should you come down with a minor infection while on vacation.
  3. Low-Cost: Save hundreds or even thousands yearly by addressing most health issues over the phone;  $0 copay, low monthly fee.
  4. Value: Many tele-medicine Apps provide ways to compare costs of prescriptions and procedures at various different pharmacies and health care facilities, respectively.  Prescription costs can vary greatly from one pharmacy to another.  A well thought out app can empower consumers to make the most of their health care dollars or health savings accounts (HSAs).
  5. Proactive: Some Tele-Medicine apps provide savings alerts, to let you know, for example, when a current prescription price has changed.
  6. Educational: Healthy lifestyle and wellness tips, videos and articles are often a part of the service.

Common illnesses that can be treated via Tele-Medicine include:

  • Allergies
  • Acute bronchitis
  • Ear Aches
  • Pink Eye
  • Sore throat
  • Strep throat
  • Sinusitis
  • Upper respiratory infections
  • Urinary Tract Infections


Simple Way Care: Direct Primary Care in Central Florida!

A couple of months ago, I was discussing the topic of Free Market Health Care on Facebook with one of my good friends, when I hatched a plan to create a webpage about Free Market Health Care on my website www.colohealthinsurance.com.  I’ve gathered so much research over the years from various different sources, so I wanted to bring them together in one place, where I can easily share this knowledge with others. At the time, I thought it would be a good idea to start sharing the websites of Direct Pay Doctors that I’ve met over the years, so I invited them to contact me with their info. Immediately, several doctors commented and sent me their weblinks!  I know there are many more out there, some of who can be found on the Direct Primary Care Mapper, an awesome tool I discovered while doing my research.

During the process of creating my webpage, I met on Facebook, a lovely woman by the name of Aixa Garcia, the office manager at Simple Way Care in Winter Park, Florida.  Aixa shared with me her vision to help change the mentality about how we pay for for health care in America.  She and her husband opened Simple Way Care in March , 2016, and they want to educate the public about Direct Primary Care, a revolutionary way to provide healthcare to the public, affordably!  So here is a shout out to Aixa, and Dr. Noel Oliu, for joining the movement!  We need more heath care providers like you to bring Direct Primary Care (DPC) to the people. My brief chats with Aixa and other DPC revolutionaries has inspired me to blog about Free Market Health Care, thus www.freemarkethealthcareblog.com was born.  Stay tuned, because I have lots more to share about how employers can benefit by teaming up with DPC providers to create awesome benefit plans for their employees!