Four Apps that Every Healthcare Consumer Should Know About

  1. Healthiest You
    Healthiest You is an application that every healthcare consumer should have, especially if you have an insurance plan with a high deductible. Here are the highlights:
    a.) Offers $0 Copay, 24 X 7 access, to board certified Teladoc networked healthcare providers for non-emergent medical care such as treatment for sore throat, upper respiratory disease, pink eye, urinary tract infections, and so much more.  This service claims to be able to treat 70% of issues that you would otherwise have to visit a PCP or urgent care center for, saving you time and hundreds of dollars.
    b.) Provides a “radar” map in which you can find doctors, veterinarians, pharmacies and clinics near you.
    c.)  Provides a tool for comparing Rx costs among pharmacies, so cash payers can always find the best price for their prescriptions.  In many cases, competing pharmacies may even be able to beat your health insurance co-payment.
    d.) Syncs with your current health insurance plan to help you track deductibles and out-of-pocket costs, and find healthcare providers that network with your plan.
    e.)  Provides a tool to help you determine the approximate out-of-pocket costs for high cost procedures such as imaging and surgery.
    f.)  Provides a place to store you and your family’s medical history information, so it is easy to find at the touch of a button.
  2. 2nd.MD
    2nd.MD provides direct access to leading medical specialists for personalized second opinions via video or phone.
  3. CareZone
    CareZone helps subscribers manage their health or the health of a family member with tools for managing medications, contacts, files, journals, calendars, to-do’s and more.
  4. Pillsy
    Pillsy is smart container technology and a mobile app that makes it easier to manage medications, vitamins, supplements and other pills.

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