Direct Primary Care is for Chronic Disease Management

Direct Primary Care is an innovative healthcare model that bodes well for chronic disease management.  It’s not the same as concierge medicine.  The fees are affordable, likely much more so than those high out-of-pocket costs associated with major medical insurance.  If you have diabetes or lupus or MS, arthritis, elevated blood pressure and/ cholesterol, or any disease that requires routine care, do yourself a favor!  Search for a DPC physician, and save money, while getting the best possible care!

Colorado pharmacists to prescribe women birth control

According to The Denver Post, women who are at least 18 years of age will now be able to obtain birth control at the pharmacy, without having to make an appointment with a doctor first.  Women will be required to complete a questionnaire, get a blood pressure check, and have a brief consultation with the pharmacist, and then leave the pharmacy with birth control pills or patches.

The new rules were set forth in Senate Bill 16-135, which passed on May 4th, 2016.  Pharmacies may be prepared to offer the new service as early as April, 2017.