Simple Way Care: Direct Primary Care in Central Florida!

A couple of months ago, I was discussing the topic of Free Market Health Care on Facebook with one of my good friends, when I hatched a plan to create a webpage about Free Market Health Care on my website  I’ve gathered so much research over the years from various different sources, so I wanted to bring them together in one place, where I can easily share this knowledge with others. At the time, I thought it would be a good idea to start sharing the websites of Direct Pay Doctors that I’ve met over the years, so I invited them to contact me with their info. Immediately, several doctors commented and sent me their weblinks!  I know there are many more out there, some of who can be found on the Direct Primary Care Mapper, an awesome tool I discovered while doing my research.

During the process of creating my webpage, I met on Facebook, a lovely woman by the name of Aixa Garcia, the office manager at Simple Way Care in Winter Park, Florida.  Aixa shared with me her vision to help change the mentality about how we pay for for health care in America.  She and her husband opened Simple Way Care in March , 2016, and they want to educate the public about Direct Primary Care, a revolutionary way to provide healthcare to the public, affordably!  So here is a shout out to Aixa, and Dr. Noel Oliu, for joining the movement!  We need more heath care providers like you to bring Direct Primary Care (DPC) to the people. My brief chats with Aixa and other DPC revolutionaries has inspired me to blog about Free Market Health Care, thus was born.  Stay tuned, because I have lots more to share about how employers can benefit by teaming up with DPC providers to create awesome benefit plans for their employees!

Cash Only Health Care. Does it Really Work?

It’s hard to fathom that cash only health care really can work.  Our generation has never really known any other way of paying for our non-catastrophic health care other than via health insurance.  But there is a different way, and it’s time for us to open our minds to a different way.  Cash pay health care can be and is affordable. Just look through the affordable health care links on the right hand side of this site for plenty of examples.  Listen to the following podcast interview with Dr Keith Smith of The Surgery Center of Oklahoma for more details.