Cash Pay Labs with Transparent Pricing!

Apparently, if you live in Arizona, you can walk into a DAT (Direct Access Testing) lab, and order your own tests, at a fraction of the cost of having to go through your doctor to receive doctor’s orders!   Of course there are advantages and disadvantages to doing this.  Price is the obvious advantage, but some doctors are concerned that confusing test results could lead to anxious patients, who are unable to properly interpret their test results.

What do you think?  Should patients be empowered to order their own lab tests?


Cash and Direct Pay Friendly Practices

I’ve been following the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons for some time now.  Today, while perusing through their site, I came across this handy list of cash and direct pay friendly practices!  This is by far the most comprehensive list I have come across, and it even includes specialty care too.  To date, there are 1008 healthcare providers on the list, which is by default, sorted by state.  If you have high deductible insurance, this could be a good place to shop for care, especially if your deductible is causing you to delay care.