Dispatch Health

A new movement for on-demand urgent care is sweeping through Colorado.  It’s called Dispatch Health.  Dispatch Health will come to your home and treat you in the event of the need for urgent care.  They take most insurances, or you can just pay cash.  You avoid spending time in waiting rooms with other people who might have contagious infections, and you save money!  Learn more here.




Ohio requires healthcare providers to provide pricing upon request

This morning, I came across HealthCostConnect, a website which shares transparent healthcare pricing in Ohio in compliance with state law, section 3727.12 of the Ohio revised Code.

Even better, I found Advanced Patient Imaging, which provides low, transparent healthcare pricing for MRI, ultrasound, echo and vascular screening, right on their website, http://advancedpatientimaging.bmobilized.com.

It’s really eye opening to me, how the free market is changing the health care landscape.  The challenge is getting this information all in one place, where consumers can find it!