Dispatch Health

A new movement for on-demand urgent care is sweeping through Colorado.  It’s called Dispatch Health.  Dispatch Health will come to your home and treat you in the event of the need for urgent care.  They take most insurances, or you can just pay cash.  You avoid spending time in waiting rooms with other people who might have contagious infections, and you save money!  Learn more here.




Dispatch Health – Urgent Care House Calls

I learn something new everyday.  While attending a meeting with one of our Insurance Reps today, I learned about Dispatch Health, a new urgent care service that comes to you.  They are headquartered in Denver and service the Denver area north to Fort Collins.  It sounds like they are growing and will hopefully service more areas soon!  They work with all of the major Colorado Health Insurance Companies and also offer cash pay services.  Here is a link to their website:  Dispatch Health

Watch a video about how it works: