NHS Wait Times Are Increasing. Why Are People Surprised?

Today I came across this article in the Independent and then this one in the New York Times. The theme? Britain’s National Health System is overwhelmed this winter. Long wait times, corridors lined with patients, “black alerts,” and political denial—it’s Britain’s new normal. But why is everyone surprised? This was predicted years—decades—ago.

It bears repeating: everything happening with Britain’s healthcare system is predictable and WAS predicted.

The problem is not skyrocketing costs. That is a symptom.

The problem is too few medical providers. Period, dot. Add in layers of government to protect the patient, and you still don’t have enough medical providers. Slow the perceived increase in costs by having the taxpayer pick up the excess and you still don’t have enough medical providers. Cut payments to providers to make the costs “reasonable” and you REALLY won’t have enough medical providers.

In fact, you’ll end up with even fewer medical providers because who wants to deal with all of that? Who wants to be told she’s greedy because she wants to make an income proportionate to the time spent for education and to her skills? Who wants to spend more of his time filling out paperwork than working with his patients?

As for the final paragraph of both articles, financially it is not possible for the British government to keep up with the demand for health care. It will continue to take more and more of the national budget. And it will only get worse.

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