Another doctor enters the DPC waters?

I may have helped convince my doctor to drop Medicare/Medicaid and convert to a Direct Primary Care (DPC) model, though the federal government’s new MACRA mandate probably had more impact than my words.

My doctor already spends more time doing administrative paperwork than she does seeing patients, and she doesn’t even do all the paperwork CMS wants her to do. Why? Because it would mean sharing ALL of her patients’ private medical information electronically with the CMS.

Her refusal means the following:

  • This year, she’s dinged 2% of her Medicare/Medicaid payment for not complying.
  • In 2018, she will lose 4%.
  • In 2020, she will lose 20%

Added to the low amount Medicare/Medicaid pays already, why would any small provider stay in the system?

Of course, DPC is not the only choice. My doctor could have sold out to the regional hospital. Last year she told me that all but a handful of the smallest providers in our city did just that. Yes, Obamacare drove them out of business. The result? Higher prices. You see, the hospital–being a hospital and therefore categorized differently–can charge more for the very same services.

So I am very glad that my doctor is looking at DPC. She has to make the decision by October in order to be set for 2018, and I plan to do what I can to ease her way.

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