Fantastic Meeting with Dr. Tomasulo, Colorado DPC Revolutionary

Today my husband and I were fortunate to meet with Dr. Mark Tomasulo, Colorado’s Direct Primary Care (DPC) Revolutionary, and President and CMO of PeakMed Colorado.

I was excited to learn more about his involvement in the passing of HB17-1115, which frees Direct Primary Care from oversight by the Division of Insurance.  The bill had unanimous bi-partisan support, and after the passage of the bill, Colorado legislators from both parties, as per Dr. Tomasulo, were eager to join PeakMed and become a part of the Free Market Health Care Movement in Colorado!  I had concern over some language in the bill, forbidding Medicaid recipients from entering into agreements with Direct Primary Care doctors, but Dr. Tomasulo eased my concerns, explaining to me that this pertains only to DPCs that offer the exact same services that Medicaid covers and nothing more.  Since PeakMed offers services above and beyond those covered by Medicaid, PeakMed doctors are able to enter into agreements with Medicaid recipients!

We spoke about strategies that help large, self-insured employers lower the cost of providing health insurance benefits, while providing better benefits to employees by supplementing benefit packages with Direct Primary Care services.  It was all very exciting, and there’s still so much more to learn! Soon, we will be hatching plans to integrate these strategies into the services offered by our health insurance agency!

Dr. Tomasulo shared with us that it’s not about PeakMed for him anymore, but about facilitating the DPC movement throughout the country.   His excitement about the Direct Primary Care movement is contagious.  I’m ready to help in any way I can.

I strongly believe that everyone will know about Direct Primary Care in a few years.  There are some wonderful changes coming down the pipeline, and I can’t wait to be a part of it, and to see these changes come to fruition!

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