America must change its view about when and how to use health insurance

This article was shared with me today, and it relays exactly what I try to explain to my clients:

“Obamacare capitalized on the conventional wisdom, which says the sensible and financially sound way to pay for health care is first to pay health insurance premiums. Second, if you do get sick or injured, file an insurance claim by handing your provider your insurance card the moment you walk in the door. Third, pay an obscenely high price for care. Fourth, exhale relief: You are that much closer to meeting your annual deductible, after which you’ll enjoy the illusion of free health care, if you get sick or injured again between now and January 1.”

The author attempts to bring home the point…We are overpaying for healthcare because We use health insurance to pay for all medical care, instead of just catastrophic accidents and illnesses.

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