IWantDirectCare.com proves there is demand for direct pay health care

Direct Primary Care revolutionaries are taking matters into their own hands!  www.IWantDirectCare.com  is a site where you can go to register yourself as a patient who wants Direct Primary Care.  Join the movement, and prove to politicians that we want to pay for our own primary care, free from the burden of interference by third party payers. We don’t need insurance for routine care, because it’s affordable to pay direct.  No other country has tried this.  Let America, the land of the free, prove to the world that we can resolve the high cost of health care, by allowing healthcare to operate in a truly free market.  Health insurance needs to be reserved for catastrophies.  When America finally opens its eyes to this reality, we truly will enjoy the best healthcare system in the world!  Kudos to Atlas MD and other revolutionary doctors for facilitating the free market healthcare movement.

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