Don’t Pay More Than You Need To for Medications

Many people are unaware that the cost of their routine medications are sometimes actually less than the cost of the copayment on thier health insurance plan.  When filling prescriptions, it would behoove you to ask your pharmacist the cost of the Rx both with and without insurance.  Sometimes, it’s a better deal to use an app such as The Healthiest You, to compare drug prices in advance, to make sure that your insurance is getting you the best deal, before you buy! You may save as much as ten times the cost of an Rx, just by paying cash. This is especially true if your Rx is generic.  Bear in mind, if you choose to purchase your Rx outside of your insurance plan, the cost, of course will not apply to either your plan’s deductible or maximum out-of-pocket, but if you don’t anticipate meeting those thresholds, you may be better off just cash paying for your Rx.

Another way to save on routine medications is to use a Direct Primary Care physician.  DPCs often have wholesale pharmacies in-house and do not mark up the cost of routine medications.  You may even save enough on medications to cover the monthly cost of a DPC!

To save even more, check with your doc to find out if your pills can be split.  If so, have your doc prescribe a double dose of the medication, and use a pill splitter to get twice as much medication for your money.  Many generic prescriptions cost the same whether the dose is 10 mg or 20 mg, as an example.  Pill splitters can be obtained at a local pharmacy, and are a great way to help you make the most of your Rx dollars.

If you are taking an expensive brand name drug, and are having trouble affording the cost, check with the drug manufacturer of the Rx to find out if they have any patient assistance programs.  Sometimes, the manufacturer offers special deals for those who have low incomes or are without insurance.


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