Medicaid and Obamacare’s damaging duet has a good article on Medicaid and how Obamacare made an already complicated and fragile program even more so.

Two key take-aways from this article:
1) The vast majority of the “newly insured” due to Obamacare actually got coverage under Medicaid.
2) Medicaid recipients get lousy outcomes in comparison to those with private insurance or even the uninsured.

“Liberals claim that repealing ObamaCare will kill people. But at least as far as ObamaCare’s Medicaid component is concerned, the opposite might in fact be closer to the truth.”

Definitely worth the read.

2 Replies to “Medicaid and Obamacare’s damaging duet”

  1. Great article! If Trump gets his block grants, I could see a huge advantage in states allowing recipients to buy catastrophic plans or use the money for Direct Primary Care arrangements! It would save money, and give recipients access to better care.

    1. But those are choices. And choices imply that people can be responsible for figuring out their own health care. Dogs and cats living together!

      We’d have to keep an eye on how these subsidies impact both the catastrophic insurance market and DPC (subsidies lead to rising costs; it’s their nature), but the results would be head and shoulders above what the current Medicaid system offers.

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