The End of an Error

With the upcoming inauguration of our new president comes the end of an error.  Or so we hope!  The well-intentioned Affordable Care Act has predictably failed, and our country’s government is now faced with what seems like an insurmountable task to fix what has been broken.  But fixing it isn’t going to be easy, because the problems involving the cost of America’s health care system began long before the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Change will require a dramatic shift in the way Americans procure their health care and plan for unforeseen medical expenses.

In the meantime, this site will be devoted to helping consumers to find affordable alternatives to traditional health care arrangements!  Over the past few years, I’ve met several doctors who I believe are onto something…a movement to make health care better and more affordable than ever before.  My goal will be to share all of the information I’ve collected over the years in hopes of becoming a catalyst for the Free Market Health Care Movement.

As a health insurance broker, I’ve watched the cost of health insurance and health care rise dramatically over the past 15 years.  Frankly, I never really believed it would come to this point, but today the cost is unsustainable, and we simply cannot continue to go down this road.  My goal is to use this forum to help Americans, politicians, consumers and health care providers understand that the only way to fix our health care system is to put away our traditional ideas about health care delivery and payment, and consider new concepts.

This site will expose new ideas that fly in the face of government interference.  The goal is to bring back a doctor/patient relationship that is as free from third party interference as possible. In the days and weeks to come, thoughtful commentary about how we will achieve this goal will be provided based upon my own experiences, and hopefully the experiences of doctors and other influential speakers I’ve come to know over the past few years.

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